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Step One:
Contact me by e-mail, and give details about your project, and any deadlines you may have. For an accurate quote please let me know the type of production, length of the script, and the length of the license. I usually go by the Gravy for the Brain UK rate guide for standard industry rates per project.

Step Two:

I will reply to you with a quote, and a sample recording of your script or any relevant demos, if requested.

Step Three:

If you are happy with the quote and the sample recording, then email back a confirmation and the final script. We can discuss availability, as well as the option for you to listen in on the session and provide direction (via Zoom, Google Meets, Cleanfeed etc), or else I can record remotely.

Step Four:

I will send you a raw recording, as a high quality WAV format (or any other format you need) from my home studio. I am also happy to travel to your own studio facilities if you require. Any further reads after the initial recording which require script alterations will incur a further charge, up to 50% of the original fee depending on the extent of the changes. For any misreads I may have made, or if you require re-direction on tone or style, a re-record is free of charge.


Step Five:

If you are satisfied with the recording, then I will send you an invoice for payment. My payment terms are 30 days from supplying the final audio and invoice.

How It Works

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